The worst thing that you can ever do is to type the words “earn money” on the internet. This is bound to take you to the lion’s den, a place that you should avoid completely. You might not believe this, but Daniel and the den of lions happened over two thousand years ago. It would not be wise to hope that the same would happen again. The lions have learned from their mistakes, and they will not repeat them. The internet is full of fraudsters and exploiters. This is not something new. Everyone has heard of this. Have you?

Fraudsters and con artists

The difference comes in when people believe that they are immune from the attacks of these unscrupulous people who just love fleecing people of their hard earned money. Identity theft is on the rise, and there is nothing you would hate more in the world than having your name and credentials used in a felony, yet you were not involved in any way. The problem is further compounded when you factor in the vulnerability of people in these harsh financial times. Due to the economic recession, many people have been robbed of their jobs and have ended up jobless with no source of income.

Unfortunately, the stomach does not take kindly to being deprived of its daily pound of flesh. This leads many people to turn to the internet to find jobs that will help them bring food to the table. The very first words that they will type in their internet browsers will of course be the famous “earn money fast” or “free online jobs” or any other suitable word combination. And they get scammed!! So sad, but true. Majority of the websites that you will find out there will not be genuine at all.


Of course, you might be lucky and you end up finding a genuine work opportunity. The only problem happens to be that many of these job opportunities are going to exploit you and make you work for peanuts. Take writing for example. There are employers who will pay you peanuts and expect quality work from you. The only problem is that peanuts are better than nothing, so you will find hundreds of people willing to do something that your heart finds disgusting. After all, half a loaf is usually better than none.

Does this mean that you should give up with looking for work opportunities on the internet? No. it just means that you have to be very careful and know what you’re getting yourself into. It is not likely that you will get a good job at your first try, but if you don’t try then you’ll never know.

The way forward

Research potential job opportunities thoroughly and make sure that you leave nothing to chance. A good tactic would be to copy part of the job opportunity details and paste it on your search tab. This will give you search results based on that job opportunity and will give you a clue as to what other people think about it.

If it’s an organization, you can always type the name of the organization followed by the word “scam.” This will also give you a chance to see if there are any scams associated with the organization. In the final analysis, everything on the internet is a gamble. And like Kenny Rogers, you have to know when to fold your cards and walk away, and when to call your opponent’s bluff.


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