Google and BMR Shutdown: A Lesson for us all

The recent shutdown of the link network known as Build My Rank (commonly referred to as BMR) has sent shock waves throughout the internet world. It seems that the trend of buying backlinks is finally biting the dust. If you are the person who put all your eggs in one basket, the closure of this amazing network certainly put you in a very tight spot.
The war for the first spot on Google’s search page just got messier. This is due to the fact that all those backlinks that were paid for in cash are now going to put down and forgotten. The playing field has been leveled and companies with large budgets can no longer pay their way to the first page of Google anymore. Everyone will have to get their hands dirty in the mud.
Freelance writers who used to make a killing on writing posts for BMR will have to look for other niches and opportunities to earn that extra buck. Blogging seems to be the next thing on the table for most of these writers. We should all expect a rise in the number of blogs on the internet in the next few weeks. A huge vacuum has been created by the exit of BMR from the scene. Very many websites and organizations will try to plug in the gap, if they haven’t already started.
What’s next for us all? I certainly don’t want this sign on the home page of my blog!!

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