Your Parents and Facebook

Facebook in Kenya happens to be the dominant social media on the ground. Twitter might be catching up, especially in the corporate world and among bloggers like yours truly. However, Facebook still has the lion’s share of the Kenyan youth. It would be interesting to know that more than 79 percent of Kenyans go online only to socialize, with a large majority of them spending 70 to 80 minutes on one internet browsing session. Most of the Kenyan youth use mobile phones to login to Facebook, and this can get you into problems with your parents. Yep! That’s right! Your parents!
If you don’t have your own place (unless you’re in university I don’t think you do) and your own money, you’re probably staying at home with your mom and dad (or either of them). You constantly ask them for credit for your mobile phone, say like five bob every day for those unlimited internet bundles on Safaricom.  You will probably spend a lot of time on Facebook, writing posts like, “Watching Shuga!!” or “it’s raining outside!!” and depending on your gender and status on Facebook you will get varying comments and “lols, lolest, lmao” or you’ll get none at all (it happens)!
The only problem here is that your parents will only see a young kid hunched over a mobile phone and paying no interest at all to homework, chores or other “normal” things according to their point of view. This is why you should not be surprised to find yourself arguing day in day out with your parents about the time spent on that excuse for a phone that you have.
Sometimes parents do have a point and there are other instances when they make your blood boil with rage. Granted, a teenager just from boarding school is likely to spend all their time on social media and since majority of Kenyans access the internet through their mobile phones, this is exactly what they’ll do. 
However, if you ignore your parents or stop doing your assigned duties around the house, you will certainly get embroiled in a battle between stronger opponents. It will be like fighting the United Nations all by yourself. You can take this to the bank and cash in a loan: you won’t last six seconds fighting people who clothe you, feed you and shelter you!

The way forward

You love Facebook too much and you can’t stand the fighting and all the confiscation! The worst thing would be a credit freeze. Hate that with all my soul. . . Here’s what you do:
  •  Login in the safety of your room, when everyone is asleep. Don’t do it in the living room every time.
  •   Finish your chores and help around the house consistently. If you don’t get airtime for that feel free to come for some from me.
  •   Get a life outside the internet. Don’t be overly dependent on your Facebook wall. Read a book, watch movies ( if you don’t have exams to read for), and make sure your parent notices that you’re doing something right (use that for ammunition in later fights).
  •  Avoid fighting with your parents! They only want the best for you anyway. They care enough to get involved!

 Don’t be like Hannah (spelling in question), who got her laptop shot (did he just write that?) by her father. Watch and learn!!! It could be you next!!


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