#2 Addicted and I just can’t get enough

Ever heard that song? I have. It nails the relationship I have with my Facebook and twitter accounts on the head! The Black Eyed Peas got it spot on! Can’t stop logging in every five minutes! I think I have a serious problem here, and I don’t think I’m all alone in this. There must be millions of young people like me who are addicted to social media platforms like me. If there weren’t, then who would I be talking to every time I logged in? I should write about this. Nowadays that has become my favorite expression. Never mind the fact that I think I’m talking to myself. Doesn’t matter. As long as I’m finding an avenue to express myself, all’s good, right?
 If someone suggested to me to go to my grandmother’s (no electricity and no computers) I’d probably flip. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I think bad. Social media addiction is certainly something that needs to be looked into. It might be worse than a nicotine or alcohol addiction. Are we fighting cocaine and heroin and meth too much only to forget the wolf in sheepskin that is already making itself comfortable in our homes?
Watch the song. Might do you some good.

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