Dress to Kill and you Will Certainly Impress

There’s one thing we were taught in school: how to dress like a gentleman. I can’t say I paid attention during those informal sessions. Was probably thinking about my “girl power lines” to use for the next social function. Little did I know that “clothes make the man.” My friend listened and learned, and that might be the reason why he always managed to “slice” me whenever I got lucky during this so called functions. Don’t believe me? I have evidence:

He’s the one in red in blue. Looking all serious and stuff. Never mind the fact that he’s talking to my gal!! I had squatter rights on that! I did! But he went ahead and “sliced” me. His secret: He dressed to slice! and he hasn’t changed. This is him two years later:

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Ranft Mwangi, it’s how to dress like a gentleman. My mind might have been elsewhere during the actual lesson from our elders in school, but I have subsequently felt the pinch of not dressing like a gentleman. If I had the suits this guy has, I could probably go to State House and get in without a fuss. However, most of us teenagers like this instead:

That’s the “in thing I guess”, and if you are not yet out of high school, then you’ll probably look like these two bodyguards:

Notice how the gentleman always gets the spotlight. Ranft didn’t get to dress like this without a little help from our big brother:

The big man himself: Peter Kenneth, an old boy of  my former high school. The man knows how to dress, and that’s where Ranft probably got the inspiration to dress like a gentleman. P.K is running for president this year (or 2013. who knows? No firm election date as of yet. . .) and his track record and mode of dressing will definitely help him garner some extra votes along the way. . .

The rest of us young Kenyans will definitely catch up. It doesn’t matter that we look like young boys pumped full of testosterone. We’ll eventually get the hang of dressing properly, and such scenes:

will eventually give way to these ones:

and we’ll all be young Kenyans who can dress to KILL!!


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