#4 The Mental wall

It’s a disease associated with writers and bloggers. At least that’s what I’ve been told. Writers block or sth like that. I never thought I’d be a victim (really? Ego that big?!!). This when the country is on fire! I feel like shooting myself in the head, but that wouldn’t do me any good. . .
The winds of war and secession are blowing hard and strong, and it only remains to see if the center will hold. things are definitely falling apart, slowly, but still falling apart. It frightens everyone, for we have been to the precipice before, and the look from there is great, but the plunge doesn’t look so good. I should probably gird my loins and coax my reluctant mind to pen sth small; it might just reduce stress levels. I don’t even watch the news that often anymore. The daily dose of terror and gossip is too much. It’s an election year after all.
I hate writers block so much! It’s a festering tumor, holding all my mental faculties captive, a mental wall or dam that doesn’t seem to let up anytime soon. . .Help! ! Writer's Block I


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