Music: Language of the Soul

Music is a language that beats in tandem to the stirrings of our souls. It is a language that transcends race, religion and anything else that affects human behavior and interaction. I’m not a doctor or a sociologist, so I cannot declare that this is the truth and nothing but. However, from my ‘limited’ experience in streaming videos online, I can confidently state that music has a power that is able to influence our thought patterns, behavior and even hormone levels. It is no wonder then that Hollywood has not yet made a good movie that does not have a killer soundtrack in it. The music makes you tune into the mood and atmosphere of the scenes unfolding before your eyes. Without music, movies would be very boring indeed.
Since there are thousands of blogs and websites claiming to have the best music tracks that you should listen to, it wouldn’t be flying in the face of tradition if I published my own list! There is one thing I’ve noticed with music: most people tend to love songs that relate to their status in life, or to the kind of life they wish to have in life. No wonder so many songs are about ‘love’. . .
The videos below are not arranged in any particular order, for to do so would be destroying the thought process that inspired this post. These songs have been instrumental in shaping hundreds of thoughts that have been crisscrossing my mind for the past few days (if not months), and I’ve been shocked to find out that most of them do not reflect my hopes and dreams for the future.It could very well be a sign that I need a shrink, but the fact that I blog should render that option null and void.
Everyone is entitled to their own favorite list, so I won’t call this “The best songs of the decade.” I won’t even go to the extent of calling them my favorite songs, as I change my mind very often. For now though, I’ll be comfortable calling them “Songs I listen to frequently in a manic freakish kind of way.” If you can find the common thread that links a majority of these songs, feel free to share your discovery! They’re many, but hey, it’s my blog!!


4 thoughts on “Music: Language of the Soul”

  1. Lol…ok. I didnt want to fill the post with 'too many'(say what?) songs, but I'm doing another piece(s) on music soon, and I'll listen to it. It might just fit the bill!! Thanks for reading!


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