#7.The 4B Triad

The tale of the trinity has made me remember one more tale that should not go unmentioned, even if it is in passing. The 4B triad was not a Chinese secret organisation (I’m yet to see a black Chinese, although Thika road might spawn a Guinness world record for the first ‘black chinese’). The 4B triad was a group of three very active people who sat at the very front of the class, and made all our lessons very interesting. To this day, I only remember the various shenanigans that were acted out while the teacher was busy scribbling on the blackboard. I don’t remember the actual ‘lessons’,but luckily nothing was tested (waste of time? maybe…)

Shem: Shan Chu Mountain Master, Dragon Head.

Mountain Master
He deserves the title. Firm believer in the animal farm. Favorite quote: “all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.” He saved the whole class from a lot of trouble, though he had a part in ‘getting’ us into trouble in the first place. A man of the people. Football fanatic. Still is btw…Very influential leader.
Try handling a group of hardened seniors in school who know that they are the most important group in the whole school. He did it (with varying degrees of success), and he pulled it off.
I should also mention that he was in charge of eighty boys in school, and this was no small task. It was always a wonder for us to see him sleep his way through class and still emerge in the top five percent at the end of the term. I smell ‘triad voodoo’ there.
Shan Chu in action
I wont touch the ladies department, but reliable sources ascertain that he was a lady-killer. I doubt it, but the evidence speaks for itself.
Teachers loved him, but never knew the jokes he made about them. Everyone did it, so to castigate him would be wrong and hypocritical.
In the end, he rightfully deserves the title of dragon head and mountain master. For those in the know, his actual title in class was “Mtemi Bokono,” and here’s why.
In conclusion, I thank him for making me grow a thick skin. The world is not a nice place and it definitely doesn’t like nice guys very much. Thank you Shem for helping evade many punishments in school. For that I’ll be forever grateful. Thank you also for those crafty jokes that made studying in one of the most demanding schools in the country a blast!! (Starehe is the Harvard of Kenyan high schools if you never knew!! lol)

Duke: Fu Shan Chu (Deputy Mountain Leader)

Continuing with our triad theme, Duke was a duke. That’s all there is to say about it. Case closed. Dubbed the “cleanest and smartest senior boy,” he certainly lived up to his title. He was, in retrospect, the guy who let it rip!! The laughter was contagious!
The guy can quote Drake and Lil Wayne flawlessly, no problem at all!! I can credit him with teaching me some of those tough lines, but don’t expect me to recite them for you!
He’s the Fu Shan Chu for one more reason: story telling. I don’t know if what he said was true or borderline fiction, but he sure did know how to spin a yarn! The ultimate lady charmer, and the wolf in sheep’s clothing. His lines were so smooth and his innocent look certainly scored him some lady points (if you know what I mean y’all).
I’m the one…
To wit, he’s “the boy your mamma warned you about”. Take care!! lol…

Levis “E-C-K-Y”: Heung Chu, Incense Master

Kiraitu Mbaas!!
The man of the hour. Head of Amnesty International or whatever. Human rights watchdog. The man (or boy, depends on how you look at it) who set the mood.

A trend setter this one. He’s genetically constructed to make the whole room burst into flames and gales of laughter. I guess it helps when “Kiraitu Mbaas!!” is your distant relative!!

He’s the one who fought for our rights when the Dragon head was too vicious or started to show “Gaddafi like tendencies”. The guy has a very sharp nose for business opportunities, and when the Trion group (read the trinity #6) of companies is launched, he’ll be our first choice of chief salesman. For now though,
I’ll fondly remember him as the guy who made all of us choke with laughter.
This is a trend that will doubtless continue in university, and I’m anxious to see how the girls will respond to his humor. It’s harder to charm a group of hardened boys in class than it is to warm yourself into the hearts of attractive ladies in campus (I do not stand to be corrected).

Fight the good fight my brother!!

That’s the triad for you. I think I’ve exhausted my school memories, and now it’s back to business. I cant pen off without leaving one video, courtesy of the Fu shan Chu himself!! Enjoy. . .


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