And Then There Were Two

Name calling is not restricted to African politicians alone

I’ve got to say this: 2012 is a VERY HOT year. Politically. I never followed the elections in France like an obsessed junkie, but once I heard Sarkozy call Hollande a “little slanderer”, I knew the game was up. The state of the economy has led to the toppling of many governments, from Sarkozy’s France, Gordon Brown’s Britain and even Greece.

Two incumbents are left (those of interest anyway) and it’ll be very entertaining to watch them battle it out. It’s easier to get a vote from a well fed person than from a hungry one by the way (so get the economy back on track!!)

‘Brothers’ in arms this year

Raila Odinga and Barrack Obama are next in line to face the scaffold. Raila is one of’ “the two principals” in the coalition government in Kenya, and it stands to reason that he is the incumbent, seeing that Kibaki is longing for his cows in Othaya. Both men have the same community blood running through  their veins, which makes their respective election battles even more interesting to follow.

Rough ride ahead buddy!!

However, it is worth noting that while the US is deciding to reelect (or not) Obama based on the state of the economy and on Obama’s policies and track record, we here in Kenya are busy forming tribal voting blocks. We’re busy trying to prevent one person from occupying the coveted house on the hill…

We have political parties whose manifestos are never discussed openly and in detail (if they were then I missed it…). Otherwise, moving (or seeming to do so) from one party to another is as easy as pie. Makes you wonder whether these parties are REALLY different or just appear to be so. I’ve never heard of Obama defecting from his party and becoming a republican. Party hopping is a skill that can only be learnt in Kenya. If you want a doctorate in the field that is.

I have an excellent track record: Peter Kenneth.

I hope in 2017 presidential elections will be hinged on policies, manifestos and track records. If that were the case now, Peter Kenneth and Raphael Tuju would be the favorite candidates to win the forthcoming elections. Martha Karua would also be in the mix. However, seeing that we love people whose names are always mired in scandals and in mud slinging (whether directly or indirectly), in the end we will only get what we deserve. And that’s what makes me shudder inside.

Either way, I’ll watch and follow the titanic struggle between Romney and Obama in the safety of my home, and pray to my God that the center holds in my own country as political temperatures get too hot for comfort. All I know is that we cannot go back to the precipice again, for this time we shall certainly fall over and fade into oblivion. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to live in any Somalia-like state any time soon.

Election years are known for the bickering they inspire in political circles

The state of the economy is toppling state leaders right, left and center. The funny thing with all these bloodless coups is the fact that during the election period ( and prior to the elections), countries like France, Britain and the US bicker endlessly and are sharply divided.

However, once a winner is declared, the whole country rallies behind the new leader, and life goes on as usual. Will that ever happen in Kenya? I hope so. In the meantime, I’ll be watching politicians butter us up and soothe us with carefully worded promises…I love election year drama! It’s way better than the Asian soaps we have on all our TV channels!!


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