We love scandals, and it seems that scandals love us too. If it isn’t Goldenberg, Anglo-leasing or the Free primary education fiasco, it’s NHIF and ghost clinics. If it isn’t police brutality in Turkana, it’s bribery on our roads (check the videos below). Yes, we love scandals. Scandals are part of our DNA molecular formula.It’s genetic. “There’s nothing we can do about it”.
If it isn’t all these scandals happening right under our noses, it’s watching the very same politicians involved (directly/indirectly) get the lion’s share of opinion polls every now and then. It seems as if we love them, and to us, fleecing public coffers is a heroic act that should not be condemned at all. Maybe that’s why some of these mega scandals are never resolved in our lifetimes.

Corruption Starts Here
CC image courtesy of Daquella Manera on Flickr.

We are slowly (??!!?) seeing change in the public mood. People don’t want to be mired in scandals anymore. Especially after realizing that it’s the ordinary man on the street who suffers. It’s my money that’s being stolen, and ultimately, I’m the one who’s going to bear the brunt of it.

The judiciary is being ‘reformed’ at the moment, though for the life of me I can’t stop thinking about the impending ICC trials as the main incentive and motivation behind this. “It’s an election year after all, and you have to show something for all the time you’ve been in office”, so says the politician to his campaign managers. Kenyan politicians are not alone in this, seeing that Obama has also finally ‘evolved’ on gay rights and all.

We love scandals. It’s going to take much more than a reformed judiciary and a new constitution to change this. We have to realize that we’re the only ones who will suffer when money is looted from the government treasury. We’re the only one who will hack each other to death after ‘rigged’ elections. The people we’re supposedly fighting for will board planes to far off lands and will only come back after the dust has settled. Their children go to elite schools in the country/abroad. They won’t suffer from lack of free primary education. But your child will. So will mine (if and when I do get one).

So let’s stop loving scandals. This break up has been postponed for far too long. We can do it. We have the chance of a lifetime. Cast that vote for someone with a good track record. Woe to all of us if we don’t. Woe to all of us… We’ll be spotting hickeys from our tryst with scandal, and what a shame that will be when we look back and wonder, “what if…”




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