Small Towns

Small town
Small town (Photo credit: ellenm1)

Young people do not like living in small towns. Well, most young people anyway. You never know, there might be a breed of teenagers that prefer a small town to the big city (not likely in this day and age, but miracles do happen).Granted, there are many advantages that a person can enjoy while living in a small town. The peace and quiet, the feeling of oneness. These are perks that you get to enjoy while living in a small town.

I hate the gossip that abounds in small towns. I love the anonymity of large cities.

Anonymity (Photo credit: Michael D. Dunn)

It is no wonder then that thousands of young people all over the world are constantly moving to the large cities closest to them. It’s our adventurous side talking to us. It’s the promise of being able to do anything you want without the whole town knowing about it.

Of course small towns have a low crime rate. Fewer murders, rapes and accidents are reported in small towns than in large cities. However, the statistics do little to dissuade us from moving to the nearest big city in our area. Not having to look over your shoulder every now and then to see if someone who knows your mom and dad is looking can be quite a relief. No one wants to live their  life as if they were in a lab under a microscope lens.

Small towns are healthier to live in than in big cities. Sound judgement and good morals pervade the very atmosphere of small towns. However, the loud clanging bell of judgement and condemnation makes many young people abandon ship and head for the secrecy and anonymity of the large cities.

I can’t blame them. I can only empathize with them. I’m one of them!

It is only when one grows old that the noise and pollution of the city becomes too much to bear. That’s when the clubs and other night spots lose their glamour and glory and you start craving for the peace and solitude of small towns. It is only when your body complains of all the fast foods and all the chemicals that you start missing the vegetables and the delicious home cooked meals of small towns. It is only when you start feeling the loneliness that engulfs the big city that you crave for the companionship and company that you left behind.

Until then, small towns will disgust you. Until then, the big city will seem to be the best thing you’ve never had. Only the passage of time will dissuade you (and me of course 🙂 ) that small towns are invariably the best thing to ever happen to you.


5 thoughts on “Small Towns”

  1. I agree with you. Although, even in a big city, over the course of time familiarize ourselves with a certain group of people in the irk place or uni and just like that, sometimes it’s almost like nothing’s changed and we are back to being “watched”. But of course we can afford to not give a damn about people we hardly know instead of old acquaintances of our parents :p 🙂 😉 great post!


    1. yeah…you’re right. Seems we cant escape being watched wherever we go. But there’s a huge difference between the ‘big city kind of watching’ and the ‘small town watching’ 🙂


  2. Good piece. For the last six years I have longed that our company would open a new branch in some of those small towns and that I be given a chance to go and be the first ones to pitch camp. Trust me, the noise, the traffic, the pollution, the “me me” attitude, the bills, the crime, etc have clearly taken a toll on me and I am craving the small town life.


    1. You have to be in the big bad city for you to hate it. Try convincing a young person to stick at home and you’ll go nowhere…. ‘mtoto akililia wembe, mpe…’


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