Of Death, Taxes and Pain

I’m not old. I’m not wise. But I’m not stupid, and I think I’m very observant sometimes. There are three things common to all ordinary human beings in this chaotic world (or so I think): death, taxes and pain.

A Pain That I'm Used To
A Pain That I’m Used To (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pain is universal. Everyone feels it at one point or another. And it manifests itself in very many different ways. There is the physical pain, the pain that jolts your body into action. The pain that alerts you that sth is terribly wrong and that you should act fast to save your self.  Not everyone experiences this pain, but most of us do. This pain is healthy and can even save our lives at one point.

There is the emotional pain. The pain of disappointment. The pain of heartbreak. The pain of betrayal. The pain of death of a loved one. The pain of failure. Jesus felt pain. Every kind and form of pain that you can ever think of, he went through it. We all do at one time. The young boy barely out of his teens will have his heart broken in little pieces and given back to him on a silver platter. The young girl full of pride and swagger will be betrayed and humbled and hurt. That kind of pain is horrible. But it is a rite of passage. This pain ushers you into the word of big men and women who have gone through the motions. This pain is real, and if you don’t know how to handle it woe unto you.

Taxes. We love to hate them. No one wants to give away money and property that has been toiled for day and night. No one wants to give a corrupt system money. No one wants to feed the big cats while their children go hungry and naked. No one wants this. But everyone gets a double helping of this dish.

Death & Taxes (film)
Death & Taxes (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Don’t think about evading it, b/c if there’s one thing the govt. is efficient at, it’s collecting money from poor citizens.

Death is the common denominator in this world. There are two things in common between the rich and the poor. The Lord made them both and none is immune from the scourge of death. Whether you had billions in your account or if you never had an account in the first place, you will all lie peacefully in the ground as you wait for the day of judgement. Death is rest. Rest from the trials and tribulations of this world. No wonder man half dies when he is asleep. Yet no one wants to rest. We all want to live in this torturous planet and enjoy the wine, the parties and the flashy things of this world that make us think we have it all. There are two things in common between the Lord and death. Both are not respecters of persons. You never know when your time will come until it does.

Death, taxes and pain. Three things that each and every one of us inherits at birth.


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