Lessons From The Hyena

Yes. Hyenas. Imagine. There’s a lesson to be learnt from those ‘despicable’ creatures of the wild.

1) Grab opportunities immediately they come about

This might sound very straightforward but it actually isn’t. I’ve had to learn the hard way to never let an opportunity pass me by. Don’t let that girl go without getting her number. Never let a second pass you by. Utilize every minute fully and you will certainly find things flowing your way. Hyenas are always on the lookout for food. And they rarely go hungry. That should tell you something.

2) Retreat when you have to, but always bounce back

I like it when hyenas surround a lioness with her freshly killed game. The hyenas cautiously approach. The lioness lashes out and attacks. Hyenas back up, but come back again and again, until the lioness either moves with her prey or gives it up and moves on. Eventually the hyenas will get what they wanted: food.

Likewise, if that girl you’re so into lashes out at first, back away. Retreat. Then bounce back. The same applies for that concept in class that you didn’t get, that task at work that seems to complicate things…take a break. Relax. Go back to the drawing board and approach the problem from another angle. You will definitely find it better. But don’t expect that girl to fall for you just yet 🙂

3) How to laugh like a boss

Let’s face it, hyenas know how to laugh. Really well 🙂