Humility a noble art

It doesn’t matter if you have more degrees and titles than anyone else in the entire world.
It doesn’t matter that you have more money than you will ever spend in your entire life. It doesn’t matter that the information in your head is so complicated it would take days to lay it all out so that the common man could understand it.
If you don’t have any ounce of humility in your being, if you’re arrogant, then you have not sat at the feet of God and learnt a few things.
Humility is a noble art. Only the noblest of men and women, no matter their background, will practise this art.


2 thoughts on “Humility a noble art”

  1. Very true! A deep sense of humility and courtesy is supreme over the power of mind.

    You have said it- Point blank, like a young Kenyan who deserves not only to sit on those three legged traditional stools among elders but also to dine with the kings.


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