Nothing Is Certain Anymore

There is a time in childhood when everything is either black or white. When you don’t ask where the food comes from. You only know that food will always be there at such and such a time and so forth. Fast forward to adolescence and you suddenly feel the earth beneath your feet shifting. Nothing is certain anymore. You begin to see things in a new light. You start questioning everything. Nothing is certain anymore.

There is a time when you take the plunge and risk everything. When you put friendships on the line. When you know that you could possibly alienate someone for the foreseeable future, but you risk it, for not knowing how they really feel about you is worse than never talking to them again. When that time comes and you feel it in the air, then nothing is certain anymore.

There is a time when your country is treading on dangerous ground. When tension slowly seeps into the land, and hatred hides in the skin. When peace is on everyone’s lips, but fear and vengeance take up residence in the heart and mind. When people forget their roots and demonize ethnicity, instead of shunning NEGATIVE ethnicity and embracing POSITIVE ethnicity. Who are we if we don’t know where we come from? When the land and its people forgets its history, its heritage and culture, then nothing is certain anymore.

And when nothing is certain anymore, then it is time for us to look for a solution in the supernatural, for we’ll definitely not find the solution in the hands of man. Change is in the air. I can feel it. Soon the center might refuse to hold. The falcon will fail to hear the falconer. And things will fall apart. Nothing is certain anymore.