“Poor Boys Shouldn’t Think About Marrying Rich Girls”

Friday nights are movie nights for me (most of the time). I watched ‘The Great Gatsby’ for the first time this Friday, and the one line that really stood out to me is the title that has brought you here.  It really summed up the whole film for me.

I was caught up in the story of a man driven by his love for a woman who symbolized everything he wanted, even as she led him toward everything he despised. I marvelled at the length that Gatsby would go to make sure that Daisy had everything she wanted.the-great-gatsby-25-600x400

I could relate to the grand plan that Gatsby had for the two of them. I could feel the energy and determination that had catapulted him into the very echelons of society, all to make sure that his one true love did not suffer or lack for anything that she desired. That is definitely the dream of almost every man out there.the-great-gatsby-40-600x305

I was intrigued by the statement: “poor boys shouldn’t think about marrying rich girls”. Of course you’ll rise up in anger, and decry the obvious fallacy in that statement. However, I tend to believe, for half a second, that maybe there’s a truth hidden in all the prejudice exhibited in those words. Look at Gatsby. His love for Daisy led him to his death. It stopped his upward trajectory. It prevented him from actualising his dreams. The fact that this is fiction we’re dealing with is totally irrelevant, of course :).

When a man loves a woman, he’s prepared to move the world to stand by her side and be with her, or so the romance novels tell us. When you add a ‘poor’ (this word has so many different meanings that I won’t  delve into that right now) lad, full of fire and ambition to make it, with a ‘rich’ girl to the equation, all I can see ahead is tragedy. For the boy.

Then again, I hold fast to a belief that we live in a society that allows social mobility. That if you play your cards right, you can change your lot. Your destiny is yours to command. the-great-gatsby-47-600x251

Daisy didn’t attend Gatsby’s funeral. There’s a level of betrayal that cuts deep into the flesh and almost touches bone. So it is with love. So it is with ‘poor’ boys who think about marrying ‘rich’ girls. However, let it not be said that I agree with that statement. Situations are different. People are different. Not all romances will end the way Gatsby’s did. Hopefully.