Why Laze around When you can Make Money at Home?

Kenyan youth are very funny sometimes. This especially applies to those form four leavers who laze around at home with nothing to do. I know this simply because I was one of them. I stayed at home and drove my mom nuts. Victor do this! Victor do that! Rose does not behave like that! Why don’t you behave like her? Rose is a friend of mine by the way. I was on the verge of snapping. It was only by divine intervention that I did lose my sanity.
There are two things that a form four leaver loves a lot in Kenya: the internet and the mobile phone. I was shocked to learn that it is possible to make money while having fun. I have always loved the World Wide Web. I’m pretty sure that some people do not like the aforementioned, but it is safe to proclaim that majority of Kenyan youth love their phones and their Facebook accounts.
The sad thing with all of this lies in the sad point that many of us do not fully use the internet. Many of us have never even though about making use of the internet to make some money on the side. This does not apply to those comfortable with receiving handouts from their parents. However, if you feel like you have had enough with loan applications for transport to town every day, then this is the place to be.
All you need to set yourself up for life is a computer and a reliable internet connection. A cyber cafe would prove to be too expensive for you. You will also need the will and determination to make your presence felt on cyberspace. I would suggest that you start out with writing gigs. There are many websites out there that are constantly looking for talented writers. You get paid in dollars for writing articles that are smaller in size than the one you’re currently reading.  A good site for you would have to be Freelancer.com. Google it and you’ll find out all you need. Writing is easy and you do not need any special skills to do it.
You should also note that there are many fraudsters out there so you have to be careful. However, if you play your cards right, you should have a smooth sailing. No pain no gain, remember. Writing will expose your mind to a host of knowledge and information on the World Wide Web. It wills actively engage your mind and it will make you busy. You will therefore avoid the many household fights and quarrels with your parents and siblings. The great thing about this is that you’ll be paid for doing so!
I believe that Kenyan youth are wasting their time on the streets idling about when they would be making a lot of money for simply airing their thoughts. This is the most glaring failure of the current education system in our country. We are taught to memorize and cram. We are not taught to be free and expressive. ‘The hustler’ spirit is not instilled in us.  If we are to achieve vision 2030, then we need to wake up and build ourselves and our portfolios. No more Afrosinema and the numerous soap operas that people like Rose like watching.
Let’s make use of our time constructively.

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