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The Great Leap Forward

I was in a minibus matatu with loud, blaring music and a dark, stuffy interior perfect for people who sleep in PSVs (me) and for pickpockets. The girl seated next to me was beautiful and her body language wasn’t defensive, indicating potential for a conversation. However, my mind was distracted, busy digesting the knowledge gleaned from my busy friend. He’s making it rain dollars, and that piqued my interest more than the potential heartbreak in x amount of time seated next to me.

I have been a freelancer for many years now, and was only able to double my income this year (woohoo can I get an Amen!). Getting more money for offering the same service has definitely lifted my spirits, but I’m still stuck at the same level. My friend has managed to transcend this and is now in a position to delegate tasks and earn more while doing less. He has an enormous lead on me, and since we’ve been competing and creating synergy for years, this is a personal challenge that I must address in the coming year.

I am not going to be a typical Kenyan and do the same thing he’s doing simply because I’ve seen it working for him (MPESA shops, anyone?). In order for me to get to his level and possibly surpass him, I need to add more skills to my repertoire. These are skills that serve market needs and wants. I love the internet, and I love online work. Nothing makes me smile more than being able to milk some $$ from my computer screen. There’s this mystical, magical aura around it all that makes me ecstatic when that email confirming payment comes in. So I want to focus on online skills that can open up more opportunities to solve problems while raking in some good money for my projects (vanity and others).

Looking back at 2016, I have definitely achieved some major goals, like getting to fifth year (which almost seemed impossible at some point). However, there are many big goals that I have left unfinished and that’ll require more discipline and dedication. I have broken them down into small, achievable and measurable steps (might be sharing graphs and other charts soon!). For instance, I have lusted after an automated online business for some time now. It is time for this vision to materialize and become flesh.

2016 is the year in which I fully embraced the scientific method as the best way of explaining events and phenomena around us. It is the year I started getting rid of sacred cows and questioning everything. It is the year that I have come to startling conclusions with far ranging effects on my thought processes, conscience and every day life. I’m not a proselytizer and do not wish to be one (recently broke the heart of two Jehovah’s witnesses keen on spreading the gospel as they see it to me), so I won’t go into a detailed exposition of how my views and beliefs have changed.

In 2017, I want to make another great leap forward in my love life. To say that I have had bad luck and misfortune in this arena would be an understatement. However, this is more of me being attracted to unavailable women than for lack of options. The matatu I’m currently having this conversation in is evidence that I still pull some weight in this department. Msiba wa kujitakia hauambiwi pole. I have learnt from my mistakes, and I’m ready to meet new people. This is not at the top of my agenda and will not trouble me at all if 2017 ends with no change. Girls are a time, energy and monetary investment I find myself unwilling to commit to. But girls are fun! 😛 The AgOnY!

My time in school is almost over. Soon I shall be out in the wild and expected to fend for myself. Having a plan of action is one thing. Actually carrying it out is another. I don’t want my Great Leap Forward to be likened to China’s similar push in the 1950s and 1960s. I don’t want to end up jaded and disillusioned. I want to live up to my name and be a conqueror. I turn in my seat and look at her straight in the eyes. She smiles as club music beats and lyrics engulf us in the dimly lit matatu. I take that famous leap of faith and open my mouth.