#3 Too Many Thoughts in my Head!

Hi. My name is victor and I’m a blogger addict. “Hi victor. . .” That’s how the group would respond. Is there such a group? Most likely. I’ve only been blogging for a few weeks now and my brain is on fire. I feel as if I’ve become a repository and outlet for information. The book of proverbs in the Bible frowns on gossiping. Really hope I’m not doing that here. Or maybe I’m a social media addict. However, I don’t refuse to eat simply because I need to update my status!
I have too many thoughts firing around my brain at lightning speed. I want to write about my country and the world the way I see it. I’m still confused and a little crazy, but I’m allowed to be that way! For one more year at least! Then my teenage years will bite the dust and I will have to bear my own weight. It surprises me how Kenyan teenagers don’t move out and get jobs until they actually hit campus at the age of twenty plus. In other countries like the US and Britain, teens as young as 16 have jobs and are driving their own cars! Boy would I love to be one of them! Kenya is not yet ready for some of those changes, so I might have to wait a while, and since I only have one more year left, I don’t think I’ll experience it.
I want to write about Kenya the way I see it. I think I’ve finally found my focus in blogging. But I still want to write about other stuff. Stuff that interests me and makes me who I am. I think that’s still in line with ‘the young Kenyan’ vision. I should write about my top ten things. From movies to friends, songs and gadgets. That way I’ll be able to figure my true Kenyan self, and maybe help someone somewhere start their own journey of discovery.
I’m still a confused and probably very crazy blogger, but at least I have a focus now. I don’t know how long it will last, but it will certainly help. Years from now I’ll look back at this and read these fond but terribly written pieces of art and smile. I made an effort to mirror the incredible feelings and perceptions that were shooting like crazy. Maybe it’s high time you did too.
Some say I’m crazy. Others call me a genius. I think I’m crazy and only human. Plus I’m Kenyan! That has got to count for something, right? We have oil now!